Friday, August 3, 2012

Elegant and Historic Coin Rings

To share with you some of the beauty, elegance and handsome strength in Coin Rings.  Pick your State, your Date, your Country, your Design and will search diligently to make your fondest dream come for you and those you want to share with.  

Newest Arrival, German Bundesrepublik 5 DM - in a beautiful antique finish, in 14 Karat Silver - rare !

Here is our  Canadian George VI half-dollar, 18 Karat Silver in a size 11 3/4.  Elegant and great detail !!

Currently many State Quarters are available in 22.5 Karat US Silver Proof Finish, and make excellent wedding bands in sizes from 4 to 10, and also differently size in His & Hers sets of matching designs.

Canadian designs are available as well.    If you provide us with your preferred Date, Design, and Denomination, we can let  you know if one is available, and the cost and time of completion.   Some orders may take as long as 4-6 wks to produce the ring of your dreams but most are completed much more quickly.

As we say, "Special Orders Don't Upset Us". Please sign up in our BLUE BOX, and we will respond to your request and include you on our mailing list for Specials, Returned Items, and Updates.

Our 22.5 Karat Silver State Quarter and Kennedy, Franklin, and Walking Liberty ( IMO, the most beautiful) Rings in Ladies and Mens sizes, half sizes no extra costs are $99.00 Post Paid in the US, and +$3.00 in Canada.  Premium coins extra.

Ladies rings in sizes 4-9 are mostly made from Quarters and now we can custom make yours from the State or Commemorative Quarter of you selection, and may be available in a beautify Proof Finish.

We also may be able to get some exotic ones like this Dutch Indes Silver
1/4 Guilden to make a one-of-a-kind piece for you.  Inquiries welcome.
Here is one of our Alaska Proof Quarters for a ring, above.
  We received two of our Alaska Rings and as soon as I have pictures I will post them for all to see ! !

End up in beautiful rings.

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  1. These are all absolutely incredible! I love them, especially the British Half Crown which is why I came across the page. Really fantastic work.