Thursday, November 29, 2012

12 Days of Christmas -> 10% of Our Sales to Dec 31 to Rolling

For one of the 12 Days of Christmas you could give someone a really nice ring.
here is the LINK for the song.
If we observe last weeks perspective from here, we are unendingly grateful for the food the song sings about, especially the French Version. Seems when in English, there is an emphasis on STUFF, rather than Stuffing. Here would be that version:
In the west of France the piece is known as a song, "La Foi de la loi," and is sung "avec solennit√©," the sequence being: a good stuffing without bones, two breasts of veal, three joints of beef, four pigs' trotters, five legs of mutton, six partridges with cabbage, seven spitted rabbits, eight plates of salad, nine dishes for a chapter of canons, ten full casks, eleven beautiful full-breasted maidens, and twelve musketeers with their swords “ From Wiki.
You must admit they like their food. Now the English version costs about 5% more this year, but with food inflation running about 10-15% in the developed world, we still can obtain food.

I think no one realizes how fast a severe debacle could be upon is, with the FED buying US Debt, essentially printing “funny money” as fast as they can, just like the Russians printing planeloads of Syrian Pounds as fast as their presses could run. What no one accepts is that Cost-Driven-Inflation will overcome us like a Tsunami, because they think there is NO pressure on prices, from a bad economy. Our Grocery Stores tell a different story, completely in line with what I am saying here. When Ernest Hemingway was asked how he went broke, he said:
Slowly at first, but then it came very fast.”, and thus IMO, this is will be no different.

Considering that what WE DO will be crucial, visit this site
Since those other nasty members of the human race, BANKSTERS, have elected to screw young and old alike, it may be up to us to set the example. Buying $1,000 of someones debt for $50 seems poetic justice for predatory lending practices foisted on the young and unwary and needy. Tithing never seemed so right to me. Now since this screwing is a two way sword, with savers and pensioners getting hammered as well, it may be up to us to think of a fair way to turn that around as well. Are we that innovative? Well if the BANKSTERS can think up all these complicated ways to screw the people at large, I think someone amongst us will come up with a SIMPLE way to right this boat.........That is my hope.

I will be making a half price offer on the blog. I will charge a new subscriber HALF PRICE for his or her First Month of Peak Picks $18.98, and donate my NET PROCEEDS to Rolling Jubilee, minus what Pay Pal Charges me. For Coin rings, if you wish one, I will donate 10% of my sales in December to Rolling Jubilee. Its what I can do.......

Thank you for reading this........DG

Friday, August 3, 2012

Elegant and Historic Coin Rings

To share with you some of the beauty, elegance and handsome strength in Coin Rings.  Pick your State, your Date, your Country, your Design and will search diligently to make your fondest dream come for you and those you want to share with.  

Newest Arrival, German Bundesrepublik 5 DM - in a beautiful antique finish, in 14 Karat Silver - rare !

Here is our  Canadian George VI half-dollar, 18 Karat Silver in a size 11 3/4.  Elegant and great detail !!

Currently many State Quarters are available in 22.5 Karat US Silver Proof Finish, and make excellent wedding bands in sizes from 4 to 10, and also differently size in His & Hers sets of matching designs.

Canadian designs are available as well.    If you provide us with your preferred Date, Design, and Denomination, we can let  you know if one is available, and the cost and time of completion.   Some orders may take as long as 4-6 wks to produce the ring of your dreams but most are completed much more quickly.

As we say, "Special Orders Don't Upset Us". Please sign up in our BLUE BOX, and we will respond to your request and include you on our mailing list for Specials, Returned Items, and Updates.

Our 22.5 Karat Silver State Quarter and Kennedy, Franklin, and Walking Liberty ( IMO, the most beautiful) Rings in Ladies and Mens sizes, half sizes no extra costs are $99.00 Post Paid in the US, and +$3.00 in Canada.  Premium coins extra.

Ladies rings in sizes 4-9 are mostly made from Quarters and now we can custom make yours from the State or Commemorative Quarter of you selection, and may be available in a beautify Proof Finish.

We also may be able to get some exotic ones like this Dutch Indes Silver
1/4 Guilden to make a one-of-a-kind piece for you.  Inquiries welcome.
Here is one of our Alaska Proof Quarters for a ring, above.
  We received two of our Alaska Rings and as soon as I have pictures I will post them for all to see ! !

End up in beautiful rings.